As women, we have endured and faced a lot, but despite this we still exist, persist, and create.

TRUTHTELLERS believes in the connection that happens through being open and vulnerable about who we are. Our stories do not define us. Our past shows us where we’ve been. But our voices can shed light on the lessons we’ve learned.

The co-founders, Deedee Panesar and Evelyn Wong, believe that there is power behind the stories and situations all women have experienced. Together, we wholeheartedly feel that sharing our contributor’s stories will provide any generation with the possibility to be bold, courageous, and unafraid to stand up for what’s right.

Be a part of the collective roar!

Deedee Panesar

Deedee Panesar is a soulful entrepreneur who is living out her soul’s purpose. She follows a career path that perfectly aligns with and portrays her passion and purpose in life.

She founded READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED community project which provides free libraries in areas without easy access to books in First Nations communities, to provide a  meaningful impact.

In her spare time, she loves books, nature, travelling and consuming all kinds of knowledge.

Evelyn Wong

Evelyn is fascinated by the world around her. For a while, she lost her way in the corporate world but found her way back.

Fiction is her forte, with a book about generational trauma coming out later this year. She’s starting up a podcast about the authors who participate in TRUTHTELLERS’ collaborative books, working on several side projects, and has a YouTube channel about the deeper messages in our stories. In her spare time, she loves to travel to Europe, learn different languages, and create art.

Check out Evelyn’s YouTube channel