Our Book Club

Our Mission & Vision

The TRUTHTELLERS Book Club connects women from all walks of life and as readers to embrace, share and reflect on the truths written in our books.

The purpose of Our Book Club is to connect, contribute and provide reviews on our author’s stories. Your time and feedback is valuable to us so we have incorporated great incentives should you be interested in joining our collective!

Among others things, we want to expand Our Book Club members’ literacy levels and experience by reading and discussing the content in our books. Our Club provides a friendly, open and positive space to expand on the topics selected.

TRUTHTELLERS is all about a safe and welcoming environment for women to develop deep interests in reading and writing.

Everyone is welcome!

Why Join?

Our collective is much more than sharing stories. We foster and develop upon one anothers experiences. The shared experiences we all have, whether it be regarding a more holistic lifestyle or the power behind integrating a metaphysical approach to life; we take great power in sharing and educating women on the truths of our books and life in general.

To join as an Author or Book Club member, you will benefit from the vast knowledge of our members as well as feeling how life changing connecting with like minded individuals can be for you.