Your story is powerful. It’s time to share it with the world.

Who are our ideal contributors?

We’re looking for contributors who want to help others, to create a ripple of inspiration, who are heart-centered, and most of all, are passionate about stepping into their truth. We love individuals who get excited at the thought of being a part of our book, reaching audiences with their writing, and embracing the entire collaborative book process. If this sounds like you, join us!

How does it work?

Submission Guidelines

We recommend your submission be between 1800-2000 words.
Submissions exceeding this word count will be returned to you for further editing.

We’ll help fine-tune the accepted works, but will return submissions with errors or multiple edits needed to you. 
Please ensure your submission(s) is/are delivered to us on time.
Late submissions will not be accepted, and refunds will NOT be issued.

Write a short 75-word biography and send us your best headshot photo (300 dpi);
both will be featured in the book if you’re chosen.

We’ll provide you with the opportunity for a final review of your work and bio before publication.

Processing Fee

Collaborative Books: $111 USD + 3% fee. No other fees will be associated with the book publishing process.

Solo Authors: Based on chosen package. See Solo Author Packages.


Why Join Truthtellers?

We understand the importance of your stories and value our authors’ contribution to our collective. We want to help you succeed in sharing your truths. Stories published with TRUTHTELLERS includes additional marketing and promotion opportunities, profit sharing, and being part of a literacy collective that gives back to the community.


Once you submit your work, sit back and relax while we produce
a stunning and professional book that you’ll be proud to share!

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